Our high school senior portraits are like no other, drawing influence from high fashion and then putting a professional portrait spin on it to make you look unbelievable. Combining on location with studio time, we pride ourselves on the senior experience, ensuring that each session has our undivided attention and unique as the senior themselves.  With our senior portraits, we photograph each senior at a different outdoor location according to your personality so you can be sure that no other J&M senior will have the same outdoor location and no cookie-cutter poses.

This session is for those that do not want to go overboard with the senior photo experience. You will be photographed in our main studio for approx one hour of time with two outfits. We will coordinate your clothing with our many background choices to give you the best look.

Initial Investment – $90


Our most popular session by far and is for those that want more variety. This session consists of photography in our main studio and out on location. You get 4 outfit changes, we will photograph approx one hour indoors and then on location for an hour. We never shoot seniors in the same outdoor location so your images will not look like no one elses. We choose the outdoor location depending on the time, weather, and your personality.

Initial Investment – $150


This session is for those that want the most out of there senior experience. There is NO SESSION FEE and NO OUTFIT LIMITATIONS. If you know that your are going to make more than a $1000 investment in your senior images this session gives you the most flexibility. You place a deposit of $200 per outfit at the time of booking and we will waive the session fee. We will photography you in each outfit for approx one-half hour. This is by far our best senior deal.

Initial Investment – $200 per Outfit


Yearbook images are not what they used to be. If your High School does not make you go to the contract photographer for your yearbook image, then come in to us for a yearbook only session. It takes about 15 minutes and you will have something better than the average without the hassle of a full session.

Initial Investment – $175


Do I need a Consultation?

We recommend that all of our seniors come into the studio for a consultation before the session. This is our chance to get to know you and show what makes a creative and unique senior pictures. We will go over clothing choices for the best match with the background or outside location to make sure that you are the focus of the picture and not the background. This is also our opportunity to find out what your interests, likes, dislikes and activities that you are involved in. We want to know the whole YOU before the session so we can capture images that are not like your friends or anyone else.

Will I get my images on a disk?

If you are looking for images for social media, then Yes! we offer those in addition to your prints. If you are looking to print your own, we do not offer that. If you have J&M Imagery portraits, you have high quality, professional lab printed, archival prints that are coated with UV inhibitors, made to last for many years. Most places that you could get your images printed off a disk that a photographer gives you will only last a year or two before they start to color shift.

How many outfits do I get?

Depending on the session that you chose, you can have 2 to unlimited outfits. We go over all of that in the consultation. We want you to accessories! That way by adding a jacket, hat, sports equipment, instrument, or whatever it is can make each picture unique.

What about pricing?

When you book your session, we will take a credit card over the phone to secure your day and time. This fee is no refundable within 7 days of the session due to the limited time slots that we have available. We spend a lot of time preparing for your shoot at the studio. If you don’t show up, this is time that could have been spent being productive elsewhere.

At J&M, we don’t do set packages that often include things you don’t want or need. We use a Create-a-Package concept that allows you to build your own package, fit to your needs from 4 different steps. This is very flexible for you and the route 95% of our seniors choose.

We do offer individual prints if you prefer, but the Create-a-Package offers you more options and better value. Since the packages aren’t pre-set, neither is the price. So what you spend totally depends upon what you want and your own budget. We will do our best and make your photos look as great as we can so you will want them all.