Who we are?

Jenny & Matt, owners and photographers of the studio, have been creating images exclusively together for over 13 years.  Both award-winning photographers shared an individual passion for photography and ran separate studios prior to 2000.  After meeting at a photography convention they decided to share their passion for photography by joining forces as J&M Imagery.

They each have very unique styles which benefits each client by allowing sessions to be photographed by two professionals with their many years of experience.  Always trying to push the photographic envelope, their contemporary style and unsurpassed quality will ensure that your images will have the look to last through the ages.  “Experience Our Passion” is the studio moto, and rightly so.

Jenny & Matt with family. Austin, Alex, Jessica and Oscar the wiener

What we do?

There is a huge difference between photographers that were in business before there was digital photography and those that have never shot a roll of film. We used to make sure the image was perfect before we clicked the camera, digital photography has made photographers lazy. Here at J&M Imagery we strive to make every image perfect before releasing the shutter instead of taking multiple images hoping to get one that is good.

Our experience in almost any photographic situation ensures that your images will always be better than you imagined. This expertise allows our images to look natural, but at the same time we have fixed the minor details before the shot is captured.

Matt and Jenny have been professional photographers for over 20 years each, long before digital photography was even thought of…  This is important to you, because it means that we have the knowledge in every photographic situation to make sure your images are more than you expected.   We take our profession very seriously and we DO NOT do photography “on the side.”

Studio Philosophy?

Please do not ask us if you will receive a cd with all of your images with your session fee.  We consider digital files as if they were negatives from film cameras (i know… whats a film camera, right?).  J&M Imagery retains the copyright to every image; digital file, paper print, etc.  This is the way it has always been, and the way we will always do it.

We do sell digital variation of our images, but this is only for our commercial clients. Your prints are available in sizes for social media to digital negatives that are large enough for printing. Please discuss with us your ideas and we will provide you with options to meet your needs.

The digital revolution has made it very easy and cheap for individuals to enter the business of photography.  Just remember to have a camera does not make one a professional photographer or artist.  Thank you for understanding our feeling toward this matter, we know that you will love your images just as much as we do!




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